EMR(Amazon Elastic MapReduce)

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      # elastic-mapreduce と同じディレクトリに以下のファイルを作るか、コマンドラインオプションに指定
      # access_id, private_key, region 必須
      vim credentials.json
      "access_id": "[Your AWS Access Key ID]",
      "private_key": "[Your AWS Secret Access Key]",
      "keypair": "[Your key pair name]",
      "key-pair-file": "[The path and name of your PEM file]",
      "log_uri": "[A path to a bucket you own on Amazon S3, such as, s3n://mylog-uri/]",
      "region": "[The Region of your job flow, either us-east-1, us-west-2, us-west-1, eu-west-1, ap-northeast-1, ap-southeast-1, or sa-east-1]"
      elastic-mapreduce --help
      # JOB一覧はJOB作成したIAMユーザか、AWSアカウントユーザしか取得できない。IAMで権限だけあってもダメ
      elastic-mapreduce \
        -c credentials.json \

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